Peter Chilvers is a musician and software designer. Best known for creating the iOs applications Bloom, Trope, Scape and Reflection with Brian Eno, he has also toured with Karl Hyde (Underworld) and recorded numerous albums with vocalists Tim Bowness and Sandra O’Neill, as well as several solo instrumental albums. Many of these were released through Burning Shed, the online label he co-founded in 2001 with Tim Bowness and Pete Morgan.

Since 2006 he has worked as a musical and technical assistant to Brian Eno on projects including the soundtracks to The Lovely Bones and Spore, album collaborations with David Byrne and the Warp releases Small Craft on a Milk Sea, Drums Between the Bells and Lux. He worked as Assistant Producer on Eno’s 2016 release “The Ship” for which he also helped develop a multi-speaker installation which has been shown in many countries.

As one of the earliest successes when Apple’s App Store debuted in 2008, Bloom continues to be fondly remembered. This lead in 2018 to a collaboration with Microsoft to produce Bloom: Open World, an augmented reality installation shown in Denmark, and Bloom: 10 Worlds, a complete reimagining of the app for modern phones and tablets. Eno and Chilvers were also commissioned to create Hypnotised, a customised version of Bloom for use in Coldplay’s live stadium shows.

Praise for Bloom:

“Bloom Raises the Bar for Musical iPhone Apps if you’re a fan of ambient music or music in general, you’ll be wanting to get it right now.” Gizmodo

“Few apps are truly iconic. Bloom was, and now its story lives on in this impressive and necessary follow-up.” Stuff TV

Banner photo taken by Sandra O’Neill, at the Luminous Festival, Sydney 2009.