Bloom and Trope with Brian Eno – app updates

This year I’ve embarked on giving all of my apps with Brian Eno an interface overhaul (with the help once more of Brett J. Gilbert.)

Bloom by Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers

Bloom, my first app with Brian Eno has been given a complete interface redesign for iOS 8, and is available now to existing users as a free update. Bloom HD on the iPad also has improved graphics.

Trope, my second app with Brian Eno now runs natively on the iPad for the first time, as well as being updated for iOS 8.

I’ve really enjoyed returning to Trope, which was originally released back in 2009 when the App Store was still barely a year old. Although it’s much darker in tone than Bloom, I think visually it’s the best of the apps, and it’s particularly at its best on retina iPads.

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