On November 1st, I’ll be releasing “Shadowplay”, a five part series of animated instrumental improvisations. Having worked on Bloom, Scape et al with Brian Eno for over ten years, I think I’ve developed a form of synesthesia, and it seems as natural to think of a piece visually as sonically.

I created unique software for each piece, which interpreted my playing in realtime to create the visuals. I often projected these onto the wall as I improvised, it’s a very pleasant way to work!

The videos will appear on Youtube and Vimeo on November 1st. At the same time, audio only versions will be available for purchase via Bandcamp, and for streaming from Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded a free track to my new Bandcamp page. “Undercurrent” was recorded immediately after the Shadowplay sessions. Although darker in tone, it gives a hint of the mixture of improvised piano and electronics to come.

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