Bloom HD / Brighton Festival

Bloom HD, the iPad version of Bloom, created with Brian Eno was released in May, and became the #1 selling music app on the iPad in the US, the UK and Japan. Although the main functionality is unchanged, the app has been given a completely new interface design (thanks to Brett Gilbert, who was also involved in our other apps). We’re really pleased with it – I think it’s a more immersive experience altogether on a larger screen.


Bloom HD (iPad application)

I completed most of the development in Brighton, where Brian had been invited to be Guest Artistic Director. As with the Luminous Festival in Sydney the previous year, I was assisting Brian on the Pure Scenius and Tales of the Afterlives performances. I had thought both had been one-offs; it was fantastic to see them performed again from ringside seat. Other highlights of the festival included Before I Sleep, which transformed a vast derelict superstore into an interpretation of Chekov’s Cherry Orchard, Ice Breaker‘s live soundtrack to Apollo and an Afro Beat workout from Seun Kuti.

I also enjoyed one too many cooked breakfasts by the sea.

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2 Responses to Bloom HD / Brighton Festival

  1. Lars says:

    Thanks for Bloom HD! What a fantastic experience it is using it.

    Have you ever considered making it AirPlay compatible? (if that is possible)

    Would be great to just have my iPad in its stand and stream Bloom out in my entire appartment..

    Thanks again! L

    • Hi Lars, thank you for your email.

      I believe that iOS 5, due around September, will support mirroring on all applications, so hopefully you’ll get your wish! I’ve not yet been able to test this, but hope to do so soon.

      It’s possible that there will be a delay between touching the iPad and seeing an effect on screen, so it may be better suited for the ‘Listen’ mode, rather than ‘Create’.

      Thanks for writing!