90% Complete… Loading…

I seem to have a large number of projects that are slowly edging to completion, all waiting for that last, and most difficult 10%. Specifically:

  • A new generative app for the iPhone and iPad.
  • A mini album recorded with Sandra O’Neill, and mystery special guest.
  • An album with Tim Bowness and Mike Bearpark, reworking twenty year old tracks from their former band Plenty.
  • An updated CD version of the second A Marble Calm album, Blue Turns to Grey, originally released on vinyl.

A number of other apps are in development as well, although it’s too early yet to tell which, if any, will make it into full release. I don’t think working on so many things in parallel is helping. I’m trying to finish them one at a time now – I miss actually releasing things!

One album however, has been completed: ‘Small Craft on a Milk Sea’ by Brian Eno with Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins is already out in the US and Japan, and coming out shortly in the UK. I’ve been credited as ‘Recording Supervisor and Sonic Archivist’. More on that later…

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