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More footage from the concert in Tallinn with Tim Bowness and UMA has arrived, at much higher quality this time:

It opens with an improvisation from UMA (featuring a brief performance of “Putting a Bottle on the Floor” by Tim Bowness), before flowing into “Also Out of Air”, a track from California, Norfolk, which Tim Bowness and I released in 2001. The album has been out of print for a while, and we’re planning a 10th anniversary re-release with some extra features (to be decided.)

I’ve also just come across this collection of photos taken at the This is Pure Scenius! event in Brighton last May, featuring Brian Eno, Karl Hyde, Jon Hopkins, Leo Abrahams and the Necks:

This is Pure Scenius!, Photo by Matthew Andrews

This is Pure Scenius! comprised three 90 minute improvised concerts performed in rapid succession on the same day. As with the previous year’s concerts at Sydney Opera House, I was assisting Brian on stage. This essentially gave me a ring side seat on a stunning series of performances, which varied from the sublime to the savage, sometimes over surprisingly short intervals. I feel very lucky to have seen Pure Scenius in such circumstances both in Brighton and Sydney, I have no idea if that collection of individuals will manage to find themselves in the same place again in future.

For the curious: On the desk you can see Brian’s keyboard, laptop and various effects units, the many pieces of paper used to communicate messages to the band, a large collection of pens with a remarkable tendency to wander off to other parts of the theatre, my iPhone, and, if you look very closely, a banana at the bottom of the monitor to my left. This made its way onto the overhead projector shared by the band at some point as part of an in joke, the nature of which I can sadly no longer recall.

I ate the banana later, in order to speed up clearing the stage.

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  1. radiocitizen says:

    I loved Pure Scenius at the Sydney Opera House… So when is a CD and/or deluxe-super-duper DVD of the performances going to appear?

    Go to More Dark Than Shark at for everything about Brian Eno…

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