Slow Electric Video

Here’s a new video for Towards the Shore, the opening song from the upcoming Slow Electric album:

The video, expertly filmed in pristine 1080p HD by my friend Dion Johnson in several locations around South East England, draws from the first half of the seven minute song, and features an exquisite chapman stick solo from Tony Levin. As with the rest of the album, the track was based on a recording of a live concert made in Estonia, which was then reworked in the studio. The trumpet and guitars were from the performance itself. Tim re-recorded his vocals in his home studio, and I added extra keyboard textures. Tony Levin, not present at the original concert, overdubbed bass and chapman stick parts from his own studio.

I’d intended to keep the original piano performance, but unfortunately it was plagued by an intermittent clicking sound from the sustain pedal. As a result, I had to attempt to recreate the it by viewing the waveform on the screen, and attempting to play whenever a peak appeared. The process took an entire afternoon, about twenty times longer than it took to play the original piece. It’s possibly the only occasion in life where I’ve wished I’d spent more time playing Guitar Hero.

The album is released through the Panegyric label on 10th October, and can be preordered online at Burning Shed via A free download EP will available with all preorders.

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