Brian Eno’s The Ship sets sail

Brian Eno’s latest album “The Ship” has at last been released today. I’m extremely proud to have worked on such an extraordinary album.

Eno The Ship
This is the most I’ve been involved with one of Brian’s albums. In addition to recording, I’ve been credited for the first time as Assistant Producer, a role I drifted into without realising it. I’ve also played keyboards on most of the tracks, including the gorgeous cover of I’m Set Free that ends the album. I’m very pleased to be on a track with Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins, two musicians I greatly admire, even if I recorded my part twelve years after theirs!


It’s been fascinating seeing the album develop from a series of studio experiments on multiple speakers through installations in Stockholm and Barcelona and back to the studio again. The result, to my ears, is an album unlike anything else Brian, or anyone else for that matter, has done before.

The Ship has been receiving some great reviews, but The Boston Globe’s one is hard to top:

“The experimental-listening event of the year… one of music’s most creative forces is only now reaching the zenith of his artistry.”

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