Letka Album with guest appearance from Brian Eno

After a long incubation period, I’m pleased to announce a new album from Letka, a project with Irish vocalist Sandra O’Neill. Here’s the press the release:

“From the opening Beyond the Fold, featuring backing vocals and production from Brian Eno, to its epic closing track I Dream a Highway, Far Off Country seamlessly combines Country and Ambient influences in a uniquely ethereal way.

Featuring layered vocals, treated guitars, pedal steel and electronic textures, the six track collection of traditional songs, covers and new compositions represents a warm reflection of the desolate landscapes of the Mid West.

The evocative digipack, designed by Carl Glover, features images from his archive of photographs of American ghost towns.”

The album is available for preorder now from on Burning Shed, release date is 16th January 2012. It will also be available on iTunes from that date.

Several excerpts are available on Letka’s SoundCloud page.

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