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Ten years ago today, I tried an experiment in viral distribution. I recorded an album, and gave away two CDRs to friends at a gig in Canada. Each bore the instructions that in return for getting the album for free, the recipient should make at least two copies, and give them away to other friends who might like it.

Obviously, if that kind of exponential duplication had continued unchecked CDR copies would now cover the earth to a depth of seven inches, so presumably it hit some cul-de-sacs. But I’d love to find out how far it reached. I once had the experience of sitting at a table in Cambridge, UK, and seeing someone from Spain pass on a copy, so at very least it hopped two countries.

If you received or duplicated copies, please drop me a line at this email address:


It’d be great if you could let me know what country you’re based in, and pass the email on to anyone else who you think received the CD. I apologise, but I’m unlikely to be able to reply.

I gave the CD a listen for the first time in ages – well, actually on an MP3, technology has moved on a little in the last ten years. I liked the two songs, and the four motel pieces, the others sound a little too digital to me now. If you have the CD, I hope you found something that you liked.

In another news, you can also now follow me via Facebook. I’ve only just set it up, so please ignore the sound of tumbleweed blowing past.

The Slow Electric album is now available on iTunes. A mixture of atmospheric songs and textural improvisation, it features Tim Bowness and Uma with a guest appearance from bass legend Tony Levin. Slow Electric will also be performing live in Estonia on December 7th, joined by Porcupine Tree’s Colin Edwin. Click here for more information and a psychedelic poster.

Letka will be performing live at the Green Note in Camden this Sunday, joined again by violin maestro Steve Bingham.

A big announcement to come soon!

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