I’ve started a new blog at unworldly.co.uk, focussed on some of the unusual and artistic apps that have been released for the iPhone and iPad over the four years since it started.

I’ve realised that recently I’ve been more excited by apps than music. It’s still a young platform finding its own vocabulary, but there are some extraordinary titles appearing that are fast establishing entire new genres. Outside of software, art has traditionally been static, art works set in stone as soon as an artist has finished working on it. Software can be fluid and flexible, able to respond to its user and even change form completely.

That said, I had a very enjoyable Letka recording session with Steve Bingham yesterday, and have been playing Husky Rescue‘s album Ship of Light to death over the last few days. There’s still plenty to keep my interested in good old-fashioned albums.

Incidentally, this wasn’t the big announcement I was mentioning in my previous post… that’s still to come!

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