Meet the Developers Video Podcast

On October 5th, Brian Eno and I were invited by the Apple to give a talk about our new app Scape at their store on Regent Street, London. This has now been released as a podcast. It’s 45 minutes long, including a Q&A session at the end, available as both video and audio. I’d recommend the video version, as there are sections where we’re displaying Scape as we discuss it.

It was an extremely enjoyable to talk onstage with Brian, and as an unashamed Apple fanboy, a thrill to do so at the stylish Apple Store on Regent Street. Slightly peculiar seeing myself onscreen for the first time. It looks like I’m getting well on my way in my long planned transition into a mad professor.

We also filmed an interview to Matt Cowan from Reuters earlier this week, which has been cropping up on news channels around the world. I believe a longer edit may surface at some point. Matt’s also posted some pictures from the interview.

On an unrelated note, I’ve reviewed the atmospheric iPad puzzler “The Room” on my Unworldly blog.

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