Karl Hyde live band

Some very exciting news I can announce at last: I’m part of a live band formed by Karl Hyde of Underworld which will be touring this year to promote his first solo album, Edgeland.

I met first met Karl in 2009 when he and Brian Eno were preparing for their Pure Scenius project (which included Edgeland’s co-producer Leo Abrahams.) Like Brian, Karl has a genuine passion and excitement for making music that’s a joy to be around. When I heard he was putting a band together, I did something I rarely do, and with a modest cough hinted that I might possibly know a keyboardist who would be interested. I’m delighted that he indulged me. The band – I’ll let the other musicians identify themselves – has been rehearsing this last week, and I can’t wait for us to take it out on the road.

Sonar Tokyo is the only date that has been announced so far and I haven’t any other information. Meanwhile, here’s the track Cut Clouds, one of my favourite tracks from the album:

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